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The majority of transactions don’t happen during a visitor’s initial visit to the website. That doesn’t mean you’ve lost them, but it does mean it’s important to gather information to continue building a relationship with them. That’s why e-mail marketing is SO important.

E-mail Marketing - Offer Value

Offer Value

This isn’t a sales gimmick. Gaining customers requires authenticity and value. You should be providing value on your website in some form. The most popular way to add value to your website is to educate. You can make a tutorial or a quick video explaining something complicated, or even simpler provide a document with a checklist or how-to that is useful for your visitors.

E-mail Marketing - Offer Value
E-mail Marketing - Exchange Information

Make the Exchange

We design and implement opt-in forms to make the exchange of the valuable information you have to the visitor. These opt-in forms allow visitors to exchange their e-mail addresses for the information you are providing. These forms begin the process of giving your permission to send them e-mails, opening the pathway for e-mail communication.

E-mail Marketing - Tag It.


Tag. You're it.

E-mail marketing allows you to tag the people who give you permission so you can lump them into groups. This allows you to categorize based on interests. How do you know what they are interested in? One way is the initial opt-in form, but as you continue to communicate with them and you track the open rates of your e-mail communication you will be able to craft a clear, concise picture of how you can provide them with a service.

E-mail Marketing - Tag It.

Benefits of choosing empowered

You’re not just another number to us. We won’t forget about you, and your success matters to us. You’ll get the following benefits from partnering with Empowered:

Increased Reputation

The creation of resources that are useful and helpful for visitors makes you an authority.

Increased Leads

Implementation of opt-in forms in order to exchange information for e-mail addresses.

Increased Conversions

The creation of targeted lists enables us to market based on communicated interests.

Increased Target Marketing

The creation of smart links enables us to track users’ interests for the purpose of marketing.

Increased Consistency

The creation of automated e-mail sequences means we will never miss a chance to convert.

Increased Freedom

Automated processes give you the freedom to focus on the important things in your business.

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“We are so grateful for the work and expertise that Empowered Creative has offered to our organization. He is a pleasure to work with, and we anticipate a long-standing relationship.”

Kastin Krupinski, Logos Academy

How email marketing helped me land my biggest client to date?

This is a kiss-and-tell story of how I landed my biggest client through e-mail marketing. I tell you why I personally use e-mail marketing and give you several thought-provoking points to consider as you explore e-mail marketing and whether it’s right for you.

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