Figuring out the right type of website design for your business?

by | Apr 15, 2022 | Website Design


Are you trying to figure out the right type of website design for your business?

Hey everybody, it’s Danny from Empowered Creative.

Today, I wanted to talk about the difference between responsive website design and conversion-based website design.

Now, if you’re out there searching for a website designer, you’re surely going to hear probably language about both of those, and today, I think it’s really important that we understand the difference.

So, responsive website design has to do with your site looking really nice on all different types of screens. So right now according to Google, the two main screens that you need to focus on our desktop and mobile.

In fact, so many people are using those two avenues that, if you look at the analytics, they don’t even include tablets anymore because so many people aren’t using tablets.

About 98% of all views come from either your desktop or people using their mobile phones. Now, conversion-based website design is a little bit different, but it actually includes responsive design, but it includes a lot more than that.

And that is what we focus on here at Empowered Creative.

There are two main characteristics of conversion-based website design. The first is that it is extremely strategic everything that you see on a website that has been built from a conversion-based approach, is there for a reason.

The elements on the page have been specifically put there, and there is a goal in mind with how the website is laid out above and beyond just the fact that it is aesthetically pleasing.

The second thing that you need to remember about conversion-based website design is that its chief aim is to either one generate a lead or to help convert a visitor into a full-blown customer. If you’re looking for a website designer to design your website for your business or your brand, make sure you go with somebody who is conversion based because they’re going to include the responsive website design, but they’re also going to give you the strategy to help you convert your visitors into customers.