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Conversion based website design.

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Making Google happy with white hat SEO.

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Lead generation through e-mail marketing.

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Pathway for success via expert consultation.

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Customer Experience Stories.

Ben Garner

Rent Sound Gear
York, PA

Abby Popp

Full Circle Chiropractic
New Brunafels, TX

Sam Spagnola

Susquehanna Container
York, PA

Nathan Barshinger

United Real Estate PA
York, PA

Ryan Mattie

Crosstown Engineer
Charleston, SC

Danny Tanner

GCM Built
Lancaster, PA

Website Design

We don’t just build websites, we build websites that convert visitors into customers. Our clients work with us because we do website design that focuses on:

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Converting visitors into customers.

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Displaying your company’s relevance within your business category.

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Broadcasting the quality of work that your company performs.

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Digital Marketing

We help our clients procure more visitors through our proven digital marketing strategies that focus on:

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Keyword Research that identifies the BEST keywords related to your business.

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On-page search engine optimization (SEO) using targeted keywords.

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Link building that partners with other industry professioinals.

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E-mail Marketing

 We can increase the number of qualified leads your business receives through our e-mail marketing system that focuses on:

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Creation of resources that are useful and helpful for those who visit your website.

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Implementation of opt-in forms for resources.

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Creation of targeted lists to only market to people within a specific category.

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Hey! I'm Danny! I'd love to work with you.

I started Empowered Creative in 2019. The idea, for this company, started while I was trying to make some extra money. I always had a passion for building websites but never thought I could make a career out of it.

Nearly 3 years later, I’ve now turned a freelance operation into a digital marketing agency. It’s been an honor to be able to serve other small businesses in York, PA, and other areas in south-central Pennsylvania.

Although the company has grown, we still stand by the same core values that we had at the beginning.

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Personalized Service

Business is relational. We do business with people we know, like, and trust. We strive to provide personalized service to every client. In the midst of a crazy world, we try to make your design experience peaceful and smooth.

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Empower Other Businesses

It is our goal for every business we work with to be glad they worked with us. This means we’ve added value to your business and you consider us an asset. We partner with our clients for the sake of being mutually beneficial.

Check Out Danny's Guest Podcast Episode

Danny was recently a guest on the Josh Hall Website Design Show to talk about “How to Create A Confident Sales Environment.” It’s a fun episode that puts on display the passion of Empowered Creative which is to help people and make digital marketing exciting and fun instead of confusing and scary.

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Let’s Make This Simple

A breakdown of our simple 3-step process to growing your business.

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Build Your Site

Everything starts here. A conversion based-website that is setup to direct visitors down various sales pathways.

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Digital Marketing

You have a site…now what? You need to drive traffic to your site, and we do that through SEO and social media.

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Lead Generation

You have the site…and the traffic…now you need to generate qualified sales leads. We do that through targeted e-mail marketing.

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The brand’s that we’ve empowered.

Accounting Services of York
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Feature articles

There is so much noise on the internet about digital marketing and website design. Everyone is scrambling around to please algorithms. We cut through the noise for you. 

What website builder should I use to start my business?

Which website builder should I use to start my business?

There are so many options out there, but is there ONE that will set you up for success better?

What is the right type of website design for your business?

What is the right type of website design for your business?

There is so much noise out there when it comes to digital marketing…we can help get you fitted for the right website!